Administrative and Supporting Staff

Name Duty
Ms Cheung Pui Yu, Kate Executive Officer
Ms Chan Wai Chun, Tiffany Accountant
Ms Lam Shum Han, Candy General affairs
Ms Leung Wai Ying, Vanky Academic affairs
Ms Chan Ah Hung, Red Student affairs
Ms Wong Pui Ying, Kaby Finance and Finance Assistant
Ms Lai Ngai Man, Mandy Student affairs Office Assistant
Mr Cheung Kam Hon Workshop technician
Mr Cheung Kam Hung, Rocky Laboratory technician
Ms Man Wai Sim, Fion Laboratory technician
Mr Fu Ka Kin, Johnnie Laboratory technician
Mr Wan Chi Lun, Wheel Technical Support Services
Mr Ngai Hei Chun, Patrick Information Technology Assistant
Ms Tsang Wing Yen, Jane Electronic Teaching Assistant
Mr Wong Chun Yuen, Anson Assistant Teacher(Enriched IT Programme)
Ms Yiu Ka Wan, Karen Library and student affairs
Ms Lam Sui Ying, Gladie Teaching Assistant (Chinese)
Mr Lau King Hang, Brain Teaching Assistant (English)
Mr Ho Yu Pang, Mark Teaching Assistant (Mathematics)