School Mission

Founded by the Tin Ka Ping Foundation, our school upholds the ideal of whole-person education and puts it into practice. We provide a holistic and balanced curriculum infused with instructional programmes, guidance services, co-curricular activities, and civic/life education programmes to shape students into lifelong learners with sound values and good habits.

We believe education is noble and students are teachable; we value the importance of every student and we place their pursuit of learning as our primary concern. We unite efforts from our staff, who respect, care, and support one another, to demonstrate the shared beliefs and values. They have fostered a deep sense of belonging to the school, where modest ethos, rigorous standards, and unity from school members are valued. Moreover, we promote professional development of our staff, an essential part of the teaching-learning synergy and key to fulfilling our commitment.

We cater to students' capabilities and interests by providing fine-structured lessons and activities aided with audio-visual materials. We commit ourselves to enhancing students' potential, motivating them to become self-learners and developing their passion for learning; the prerequisite for a lifelong learner.

We integrate discipline with counseling on the basis of conducive teacher-student relationship and with collaboration from parents, to encircle our students with love, care and guidance. Though our academic standards and code of conduct are rigorous, students will find their campus experience enjoyable above all.

We deem co-curricular activities part of the curriculum/students' learning experience and launch activities for students' overall well-being, at the same time withstand the world's degenerating values and practices.

We address the demands of the changing world; we provide diverse life/civic education lessons, along with morning and weekly assemblies, to facilitate students' character development and habit formation, and furthermore, to deepen their love for their homes and the country. We look forward to seeing our students become ambassadors of Chinese culture, citizens with global outlook, and leaders of their generation.