Our school was founded in 1994 by the Tin Ka Ping Foundation, established by Dr. Tin Ka Ping. As a distinguished entrepreneur in Hong Kong, Dr. Tin Ka Ping is a devoted sponsor and founder of many other well famed schools and educational establishments. Our School Management Committee members come from diverse fields, all of whom are exceptionally qualified individuals. We commit ourselves to the whole-person education utilizing a comprehensive curriculum to nurture young scholars, while working with the community.


We believe education should be viewed as noble and that students are teachable and valuable. Adopting student-centered teaching policies, we strive to increase students' self-esteem by cultivating their talents, developing their moral character, creating a positive outlook, and instilling in them a love for justice and truth. Our goal is to help students find their place in society.


As a government-aided, subsidized co-educational school, we provide various amenities, including a variety of sports facilities, open space for spare time activities/relaxation, audio-visual equipment in the classrooms, practice rooms for extensive arts, computer rooms with ample computers for each student, and air-conditioned school hall and classrooms. Additionally, our school is located in an environment surrounded by beautiful nature, an ideal location to pursue moral and academic excellence.


We have an excellent team of quality teachers with professional qualifications and enthusiasm in the teaching career. All of our teachers possess bachelor degrees and have received professional training, and among them 30% possess postgraduate qualification and three have obtained a doctoral degree. We emphasize professional development of teachers and encourage them to take part in mainland and local teaching exchange activities. Our Principal participates in the Moral Education Seminar organized by Tin Ka Ping Foundation in the mainland every three years. It is an enhancement to moral education.


We cater to students' capabilities and interest(s) by providing fine-structured lessons and activities to enhance their self-study ability and to enkindle their passion for knowledge; thus establishing a firm foundation for their lifelong endeavors. We adopt balanced class structure to facilitate the completion of secondary education in five consecutive years. For junior forms, we provide Liberal Studies, highlight learning skills, and weigh equally the study of Chinese Language, English Language and Computer Skills. For senior and matriculation forms, we categorize them into Arts, Science and Commerce divisions, based on students' interest and academic competence, to better prepare students for their tertiary education locally or overseas.


We integrate discipline with counseling by guiding students in their moral decisions/choice of good over evil and offering them holistic care to create an enjoyable experience through the application of learnt skills with rigorous standards. We organize morning and weekly assemblies, along with life education lessons to shape students'character. We continuously encourage them to govern themselves and develop leadership traits by means such as running the Student Union.


We offer co-curricular activities such as a diverse selection of societies, discipline teams, arts and culture programmes and sports activities. These are deemed part of the curriculum/students' learning experience, in order to unlock students' potential, promote their team spirit, and develop their sense of responsibility; with them, we equip students against the world's degenerating values and practices.


We stress the cultivation of traditional Chinese values to develop students' personal qualities and interpersonal skills; the Chinese Culture Award Scheme is hence established to instill in students the appreciation and love of the long-descended, but vibrant Chinese heritage.


We provide students with "Lunch at School" and bus service; the bus routes cover places within the Sheung Shui and Fanling districts. We offer mentoring service and orientation programmes each year to S1 students. We also initiated the "Big Brothers and Sisters Scheme", which responds to the academic and personal needs of lower form students through services from higher form brothers and sisters.